9 tips for a better man in shape!

Medication of Viagra seems to be the most popular and quick scape way of erectile dysfuntion traearment. Internet is full of alternative ED medicines of Viagra today. Among alternatives, Kamagra is the most populat pill. Despite of popularity of synthetic medications, there is natural alternative way of living to treat your ED issue.

1. No Cigarettes! Smoking doubles the risk of malfunction, and unfortunately Passive smoking almost doubles the risk. a bad influence on tobacco due to the fact that the penis peripheral blood flow is reduced due to nicotine.

2. Obesity off. In particular, abdominal obesity is harmful. It is known that if a man's body mass index is 30, his testosterone level has dropped to 30% and the risk of erectile dysfunction tripled. Cholesterol also constrict blood vessels and arteries can lead to circulatory failure.

3. Diet condition. The Mediterranean diet has been studied to protect the condition of man. You should therefore eat olive oil, fish, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and vegetables.

4. Lotraus minimum. If you use alcohol in moderation, it does not significantly affect the emergence of erectile dysfunction. The final effect of alcohol is individual.
5. Exercise and muscle workout. When moving at least moderately, erectile dysfunction, reduced risk of side. Also the man's pelvic floor muscles properly will have an impact.

6. Use it. Known as the so-called widower syndrome, which is related to the fact that the man has not had sex for a long time. Inactivity impairs blood flow to the penis.

7. Eat garlic. Garlic aided by blood circulation and may also improve erectile function. You should eat two to three raw garlic cloves every day.

8. Avoid stress. Stress reduces libido and impair blood flow. Fortunately, no permanent damage stress alone be able to cause an erection, but the erection is likely to recover at the end of stress.

On the other hand, if the penis is due to the stress for a long time of inactivity, the blood supply may deteriorate. Temporary fatigue and erectile dysfunction caused by stress are common, and need not be intimidated.

9. Relationship condition. A common problem is a relationship factors. Talk about the good time with your partner relationships and the situation, and quite directly to the issues related to erection. Spouse need understanding.

After practising the above rules, if you still need help with your ED issue, checkout Kamagra UK

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