About erectile dysfunction and treatment

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve and / or maintain satisfactory sexual activity adequate erection. Men's aging study about 35 percent of 40-70 year-old men suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction predispose to various risk factors, such as sugar or high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and stressful lifestyle. However, erectile dysfunction treatment options have improved significantly in recent years and improved continuously since the next few years will Erectile dysfunction more great new medicines.


Good background information is the identification of a patient suffering from erectile dysfunction diagnosis key factor. It is particularly important to specify what kind of sexual problems is the question. Often, there is erectile dysfunction, but sometimes the cause may also be impaired desire, ejaculation problem, the difficulty of getting an orgasm, or other urological problems. Time the problem occurred and the beginning of its development ask the reception. previous sexual history of the patient even before the onset of disorder should be investigated. Any sexual contacts with non-permanent partners and potential spontaneous Nocturnal erections asked.

in the background of erectile dysfunction may be a number of psycho-social factors. whose detection is difficult and requires a doctor's experience and know-how to detect them. The patient may join a dating situation excitement and performance pressure. Available esileikki- and other techniques may be false. Expectations may be too high or the relationship may be associated with untreated hostility.

Many systemic diseases are known risk factors for erectile dysfunction. These include diabetes (diabetes), high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, reduced circulation and high cholesterol levels.

How does the doctor examines erectile dysfunction

Receive, the patient's general status is checked, and, for example. blood pressure and heart rate are measured.

growth of pubic hair and beard examined. Testicular size and firmness are analyzed. Any additional nodules in the scrotum under investigation. The penis is sensed thoroughly investigate the possible corpora cavernosa calluses. The prostate is sensed through the rectum.

Laboratory studies include blood, sugar, cholesterol, that is, the male hormone testosterone. Only rarely need to go heavy mechanized studies.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erection deterioration associated with aging and lifestyle. Smoking impair erectile function, especially in those men who have cardiovascular disease. Excessive use of alcohol alter the hormonal balance harmful direction. Also, poor general condition, being overweight, conflicts and bickering with your partner impair erectile function. Low self-esteem may increase the mental excitement and performance pressure, which in turn reduce the erection ability. Too great stress adversely affects sexual function. Stress factors should be identified and try to influence them.

Erectile dysfunction medication

Erectile dysfunction
in the primary treatment is medication. The most effective drugs for erectile dysfunction are the so-called. enzyme phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (PDE5), which are sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra), and most recently entered the market in 2013 avanafiili (Spedra). The drugs are very effective and impressive taken orally as tablets. The medicine is taken only when needed. They have no effect in the absence of sexual stimulation.

Viagra's cheaper alternative version is Kamagra that has the same effective ingredient 100 mg Sildenafil, like is Viagra.

Tadalafil is a market in the low dose (5 mg) containing preparation, which is taken every day. Use of the product is subject to a previous positive experience of tadalafil and regular sexual activity. Daily dosing of achieving a stable condition, whereby the effect of the drug is the hour.

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Testosterone (male hormone) and its derivatives are used to genital dysfunction for both men and menopausal symptoms. Prior to testosterone therapy should be ruled out prostate cancer. Testosterone does not necessarily restore erectile ability. It increases sexual desire and nocturnal erections. Testosterone dosage needs to be correct, too high doses of testosterone can cause mood changes such as anxiety, aggression and insomnia. Its overuse can also cause mm. liver damage, edema, increased lipid levels, too high hemoglobin concentration and infertility. Testosterone can be administered in the form of tablets, brushable the skin as a gel or intramuscular injection.

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directly injected into the corpus cavernosum penis alprostadil (CaverjectDual) is very effective for erectile dysfunction. The medicinal product provides the maximum increase in penile blood flow. The penis expands and hardens. Erectile and ejaculation are possible as in a normal erection continue, but after deployment flaccid penis is not before the drug is absorbed into the blood stream, which usually occurs after 1-2 hours. If the injection for the treatment of end up, the patient should be on a very motivated and hand operation must be fairly good. Not all patients are not able to inject himself. Properly administered injection treatment is effective and safe treatment for erectile dysfunction. use Injektiolääkkeen the risk of too long erection (over four hours).

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A suppository into the urethra as a small set alprostadil (MUSE) is also effective and safe. Learning to drug delivery technology is important in order to absorb as much as possible the drug. The drug may cause little pain in the penis area. The medicine should not be used if the partner can become pregnant.

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Severe penile vascular disorders can be treated surgically. can make bypass surgery, where clogged valtimosuoni skipped siirännäisellä the penis area. Too loose ( "leaky") penile veins can be removed and sewn closed. Penis can be put in the penisproteesi. The cuts are onerous and will require a high level of the surgical team, which has experience and who is familiar with these treatment techniques.
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