What is Kamagra? The answer is here!

More and more people are wondering what Kamagra is, although the drug has been successfully on the market for several years and is most commonly used for potency problems after Viagra. The drug works just as well as Viagra thanks to the sildenafil. The big advantage is that the side effects are less, because no other active ingredients are integrated and one saves well over half the price (here is a small price). You only get what you really need to get an erection and it works perfectly, which is why it is so popular.

The effect is better than other potency agents

Thanks to Sildendafil, Kamagra can work just like Viagra and even better because it can be dosed higher. At the same time, it is significantly cheaper than Viagra and other potency agents, which is why it is becoming more and more popular. Sildenafil is protected by a patent on the German market. Indian companies are not affected by the patent protection and simply produce as much Kamagra as they want. The export is also not forbidden, which means for us that we have a clear advantage.

Other potencies are displaced from the throne

As I said, Kamagra is produced in India, but this does not mean it is allowed anywhere in the world. More and more Kamagra reaches United Kingdon, UK via the importers and onlineshops to the EU. For other manufacturers of Potenzmittel (Viagra) this has already enormous consequences, because more and more people resort to the more favorable Kamagra. Pfizer is also plagued by the problem that their patent will soon expire and Kamagra in this case could theoretically also produce in the EU. In the end, this means that Viagra has to give up its prelude slowly. It also lasted long enough for the people to get rid of the monopolist.

Helps quickly

Unlike Viagra, Kamagra UK works much faster. The reason for this are the different dosage forms of the potency agent. In addition to the pill form, Kamagra is also available as a gel. Due to the liquid consistency it reaches the blood circulation much more quickly and in most cases it is ready for use after 15 minutes. This saves one the long waiting period of an hour or more in which the desire for the sensual bed game passes. There are also other forms of Kamagra that have their advantages and disadvantages, such as the lollipop sweets. The following applies in general: faster entry of the effect = shorter duration of action and later occurrence of the effect = longer duration of action.

The availability is relatively high

If you go to the doctor because of potency problems, he or she will do a series of investigations to determine the true causes of impotence rather than simply prescribe a potency. Kamagra does not have this problem because it is available without prescription. Just as you can order dietetics on the Internet, you can do this with Kamagra UK. It comes within a few days to the house address and no one will inquire. If you still want medical advice, you can get this after receiving Kamagra in his practice.

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