Why male erectile collapses

Erectile problems and disruptions can be very agonizing ailment, which many men suffer from during their lifetime. Changes in lifestyle actors play a big role in the case, if you want to petipuuhien smooth smoothly.

Creating and maintaining an erection may cause many men regardless of age, regardless of the pressure and fear. Both physical and psychological factors may contribute to the erection will fall apart in the middle or left without getting up.
The most common causes of erectile dysfunction:

1. He was nervous.
<>In young men, the most common cause of impotence is the stress and fear of failure.
The pressures that generally tends to get an erection, maintain an erection and gives pleasure partner, may lead to the cure that man.

It is important that the weight of the partner: give time for yourself, and do not require any other - or yourself - too much.

2. He is a drunk.
"Alcohol brings a desire, but takes away the ability." Under the influence of alcohol to achieve man's orgasm difficult or erection can be weaker.

large-scale consumers of alcohol may occur over the years, nerve damage, and also the amount of the male hormone can decrease occurs, which is reflected in a reluctance and inability to have sex.

3. He suffers from excess weight.
Overweight drawbacks affecting the blood vessels, thus getting an erection may become more difficult. In men, fat accumulates in the visceral and abdominal cavity, which may negatively affect sexual performance. Being overweight reduces blood flow to the pelvic area and can cause hormonal changes. Obesity itself makes it difficult sexual intercourse, which can affect sexual self-esteem.

4. The physical and mental well-being.
Heart disease, diabetes and other severe general diseases can cause impotence. Cardiovascular disease who were aged between man impotence is quite common, as arterial stenosis prevent enough blood flow to the corpus cavernosum and an erection is weak.

Similarly, stress facilities, life crises, and heartaches can affect the state of mind in addition to man in order.


5. He smokes.
Stop smooking, if you want to work in sex life: smoking man's risk of developing erectile dysfunction is approximately double the non-smokers compared to their own man.

Smoking causes changes that impair the blood flow in peripheral blood. This is why smokers often found in cold feet and impaired erection. Smoking, particularly for CV aggravate impotence.

Smoking also reduces sperm count and motility of sperm.

6. Low testosterone levels.
the amount of testosterone normally decreases iänkin time; Aging can also be seen from fewer and graying hair in addition to erectile dysfunction. Sex advocates to practice in the morning if possible: when testosterone levels are at their highest.

7. Medication.
Some of the side effects of prescription drugs appears to libido than getting an erection. Also in weight and energy level changes caused by the medication may be a reason for the fact that erectile turn out or fall apart. Consult with your doctor if you experience erection problems caused by the medication like Viagra or it's alternative medicine Kamagra.

8. Stress.

Unpaid bills in a hurry and interpersonal problems undoubtedly also affect sexual desire. It may take some time, that the state of stress caused by the reluctance of the feelings disappear.

Sex, for example, with a casual partner may also fall apart among all the chemistry that simply work.

If erectile dysfunction affect the overall well-being, you should feel free to turn to a doctor. Problems you should also talk openly and constructively with your partner. Kamagra UK is an online website where you can get introduced with different ED medication options.

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